A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding ceremony is the center of the celebration of your life together. It is a reflection of all your hopes and dreams.

Kinds of Ceremonies

I am very willing to include what you want in your ceremony. Several things can be included, such as: special words to each other, choosing your own vows, or using traditional vows; having someone give a reading; include a Unity Candle Ceremony, a Sand Ceremony, a Rose Ceremony, or a special prayer.

You may wish to have a traditional Christian Ceremony with Scripture Readings, prayers, and music. Or you may prefer a Secular Ceremony or a Ceremony with little or no reference to religion.

Blended Families:
Often couples with children wish to include them as part of the wedding. There are several ways to help them feel they are a part of this new blended family. The children may participate in the lighting of the Unity Candle with each of them having a candle, or a sand ceremony where each one has a container of colored sand to pour into the unity vase as a cymbal of blending the family together. Sometimes parents make a pledge to the children to love them, care for them, and include them as a part of the new family.

Just the two of you:
Whether this is your first wedding or a second one, it can be very beautiful and romantic.

Inter-faith Weddings:
I am often asked, “Do you officiate at Inter-faith Weddings?” The answer is: “Yes.” I have married numerous couples where one is Catholic and the other is Protestant, or both are Catholic or both are Protestant, or neither is currently participating in a religions organization.

I will be happy to answer your questions.
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